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Dappy says he is not a "vile monster"

Dappy reckons a lot of people have in the past have unfairly made him out to be a "vile monster".

The 'No Regrets' man finished runner-up on Celebrity Big Brother this week and it seems a lot of viewers have warmed to him.

However, he came into the show with something of a negative reputation having one year earlier been given a suspended sentence for assault.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on ITV, Dappy stated that some people in the media have historically tried to unfairly tarnish his name. He said:

"I didn't think I'd get that far because going in there a lot of people had a misperception of me and certain groups of the media painted me out to be some sort of vile monster. I'm hard-bodied on the outside but I've got a sensitive side too, everybody's got a heart, it beats. I've got a family that love me at home and that's what I think people didn't really understand."

He continued: "I will always be where I'm from, everyone will always know I've been brought up in a negative, wild, crazy environment on the top floor of an estate and it's crazy that people always just judge a book by its cover and that's what I don't get. I can't go up to every single individual in the country and say, 'You had a misperception of me, live with me for a week, you're going to like me, I'm going to convert you!'."






Watch Dappy on Celebrity Big Brother below:


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