RAÍZ Releases New Single 'Over You'

A sequel to his debut release 'Nightmare', this latest single from RAÍZ is spellbinding


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‘Over You’ speaks of the attempt to overcome dishonesty and lies whilst fighting to revive and heal something that has long gone.

Having witnessed heartbreak and deceit happen to a family member on a level that he himself had never experienced, RAÍZ admitted that there were emotions stored in this type of loss that were incomprehensible to an outsider. Writing ‘Over You’ aided the process of understanding from the inside out. This meant that during the search for words and building the song, the emotions would come in line with the story - that story being holding on to a relationship when the other person simply doesn’t love you back.

The most interesting aspect of the song is the expression of duality in seeing the ugly truth and still carrying hope. The constant battle between thought and feeling is expressed in the back and forth lyrics all throughout the song.

‘Over You’ is a sequel to Nightmare, therefore the semantic field of love and nostalgia flows seamlessly from one song to the other. This is translated in the instruments which have been musically designed to carry the same specific, carefully placed sounds, such as the modern 80s vibe of re occurring synths and guitar riffs. However, a much more predominant baseline persists in the pre chorus, adding an extra layer of bounce.

RAÍZ has aimed for sharper and more talkative vocals albeit blended with smooth verses, along with hidden gems of delicately placed harmonies - all which make the track a dynamic listen.


Swiss born, Portuguese & Angolan singer/songwriter RAÍZ has fused with London’s multicultural music scene to venture into his newfound territory of edgy bangers and millennial pop. The name RAÍZ stems from the Portuguese word ‘root’ and is a direct link to the deep cultural and musical references which inspire each song in the new EP ‘Saudade’. Saudade meaning: a longing for something that has been.

​RAÍZ found the gift of time and solitude amid the globe’s isolation, during which he wrote and co-produced ‘Saudade’ via Zoom sessions and back and forth WhatsApps, all in the confinement of his bedroom. What could potentially have been a creatively dark chapter, has turned out to be the most thrilling time for RAÍZ’s music lift off.

Each single introduces the listener to RAIZ’s extensive vocal range; a warm, at times high pitched, albeit authentic & carefully crafted vocal versatility.

Following his first hit single ‘Nightmare’ which reached 24K streams in its first weeks of release, included in playlists such as Chill la Vie (35K followers) and Artists Discovery (20K followers), as well as being played on over 6 radio stations including One FM Swiss, Radio Swiss pop & Amazing radio UK – RAÍZ continues his evolving EP journey with ‘Over You’, an equally contagious song with a strong sense of individuality and truthful lyricism.

November 28, 2020 8:09am ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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