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Enrique Iglesias "couldn't get laid" as a teenager

Enrique Iglesias may be quite the heartthrob now, but admits that in his teenage years he "was never the heartbreaker". 

The 'Hero' hitmaker also revealed that girls who once rejected him "came back" because he grew to be famous:

"I was the king of heartbroken as a teenager. I was never the heartbreaker. I just couldn't get laid. Years later, lots of the girls that rejected me came back just because I was famous. It is actually kind of sad."

Although the star has been in a solid relationship with tennis ace Anna Kournikova for the past 10 years, Iglesias added that it's not difficult to find girls to have fun with as an internationally known musician:

"If you become a famous singer or actor, or just famous, period, that helps a lot. Girls don't necessarily want to marry a famous person but I think they like the thought of having fun with them." 

Watch one of Iglesias' famous stage kisses with a fan from his audience below: