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Florence Welch talks anxiety-fuelled performances

Flame-haired songstress Florence Welch says her constant anxiety "fuels" her energetic stage performances.

The 'Spectrum' singer is famed for her impressive productions and confident stage presence, but always gets hit by nerves ahead of a show.

Speaking to Q magazine, Welch admitted that she tries to always put her anxiety to good use before stepping on stage.

She explained: "My daily life would be loads easier without that, but the performance would not be what I want it to be. That anxiety is almost what fuels my performances. I feel on edge before and there's calm afterwards."

Welch is growing more accustomed to her high-pressured lifestyle though, and tries not to let her anxiety affect those around her.

"I feel like I'm changing a lot every day. And in a sense I'm becoming more settled in who I am. But I'm anxious and operate on a high level of panic most of the time."

She continued: “I notice when people come to wake me up, I wake up really terrified. My manager and my PA are scared of waking me up because I react so violently.”




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