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Florence Welch explains drummer's toilet trap

Florence Welch's dad almost had to step in to perform a Florence + the Machine gig after the band's drummer got trapped in the toilet.

The British band were almost late for a live show on BBC Radio 2 after drummer Chris Hayden became locked in the loo.

Welch explained to The Telegraph: "I didn't know whether to say it on stage because I didn't want to embarrass him, but he got trapped in the loo. He was screaming.

"He got really freaked out. We could hear him - 'Let me out' - trying to bash the door down, and they had to take the door off its hinges, so my dad did offer to stand in. But he did escape."

Welch believed there was more to the freak incident than met the eye. The flame-haired songstress continued:

"I think it's haunted - and then all the taps started running boiling. All the taps in the bathroom started running hot water. I heard all the screaming and the banging and I was like 'whaaaat?'"




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