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Sir Elton John loves 'Glee' and the message it promotes

Sir Elton John has revealed that having his music featured in 'Glee' would be an honour.

This news comes as the popular U.S musical comedy has experienced a run of bad luck including a recent spat with Kings of Leon and the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, having to rethink his plans to include Eminem's music in a forthcoming episode after an extortionate price was demanded from his label. 

Sir Elton, whose song 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' has already been covered by the young cast, told Associated Press:

"I haven't been asked to go on Glee but I love the show, it's such a positive show and I enjoyed doing the Matthew Morrison duet very much."

"It's a great show, it's fun, I can't believe people don't like having their music on it, I just think it's a compliment."

Watch the 63 year-old icon talk about his love for the series here:


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