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Darren Criss hints at 'Glee' spin-off

Darren Criss, who recently joined the cast of 'Glee' as the character of Blaine Anderson, made some cryptic comments about a "spin off" during Monday night's (April 4) Oxygen presentation for the new reality series called 'The Glee Project'. 

He will serve as a mentor in the new talent contest, which will see him work closely with 12 contestants who will go head-to-head for a 7 episode cameo in the hit musical show, and told Access Hollywood how excited he is to be part of the magic:

"Hey, I’m just happy to be invited to the party,"

"A spin-off, whatever they want, I’m happy where I am."

Hinting at the possibility of a potential spin-off, Criss added:

"“I think Blaine serves a really cool function in the grander scheme of ‘Glee,’ so I don’t think we need to focus particularly — you know, but if they want to do it, hey, I’m down! Whatever they want,” 

Watch his recent performance of The Little Mermaid's 'Part of Your World' here: