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Gwen Stefani: "Being a mum is hard"

Gwen Stefani has conceded that she finds being a mother difficult.

In words that will no doubt ring true with parents across the world, the singer told Elle magazine that it is hard to strike the balance between work and motherhood.

The No Doubt singer has two children but it seems that it has been a tough journey for Stefani. She said:

"Being a mom is hard, I think a lot of working moms feel that way. [They want] to have time to be themselves as well but, um it's really hard, there's a price to pay. Like today, I'm here talking to you and my son is at the beach. It would be super fun to watch his little four-year-old chunky legs running around, you know."

Stefani added that it is a "constant battle" to juggle her working life and her family life, admitting that it isn't possible to balance both perfectly. She said:

It's not possible. There are always days that somebody suffers…The only thing I really worry about is, again - like, I keep bringing it up because it's my biggest stress - how do I do this and that? How do I do both? So that's like the constant battle that I have every day. I do worry about that all the time."




Watch the video for No Doubt's 'Settle Down' below: