IMOGEN HEAP Announces HEAPSONG 6 & streamed live performance (22.04.12)


Announces HEAPSONG 6 & streamed live performance (22.04.12) 

Grammy and Ivor Novello award winning Artist, producer, song-writer, multi instrumentalist and innovator Imogen Heap is set to create and astonish once again with the release of “Heapsong 6”. This song marks the midway point of her forth solo studio album which she began on 14th March 2011 and is due for release in September 2012.

With typical game changing flair, Imogen is writing, recording and releasing the songs as she goes along. Affectionately referred to as "Heapsongs", five tracks have been released so far - including the world's first 3D song, a crowd inspired track, collaborations in India and China and a song connected with a project reviving a local walled garden.

Now comes “Heapsong 6”. The as yet untitled Heapsong will be released on 22nd April - Earth Day. The song will be performed live at an event held in the grounds of her elliptical home. It will be filmed and broadcast live on Facebook by FANetwork TV. The film will then become the promo video for the song - ie a live, one take solo musical performance and video shoot.

The performance will be completely unique, as it will feature "The Gloves". Gloves ? Developed, created by and for Imogen with a team of over 10 (and expanding) friends and experts from professors to scientists, the gloves will give her maximum flexibility and mobility in creating her music on stage. Using these gloves, Imogen records and manipulates sound, plays virtual instruments and builds up tracks, all with gestures. She can also amplify acoustic instruments via mics embedded in the gloves – all wirelessly! “Heapsong 6” will be that first time they have been used to write a complete song. The Gloves inspire and challenge her to look differently at sound and song in physical space.

To tie in with Earth Day the whole event (including rehearsals) will be powered "off the grid" with the best available energy mix they have been able to source locally. This will include friends and fans on bicycles, who will be powering the lights! So the only reason you’ll be able to ‘see’ anything on the stream is because they’ll be sweating it out. 

After “Heapsong6” has been performed, Imogen will give her reaction to how it went and then will present the premiere of the "Love the Earth' film with Heap’s official orchestral soundtrack. “Love the Earth” is a crowd sourced nature film co-produced by Imogen and partner Thomas Ermacora. It was first shown at the Royal Albert Hall with Imogen conducting The Dockland’s Sinfonia orchestra playing her original score.


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