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Jason Derulo shouts out 'Hello Wolverhampton' in Worcester

Jason Derulo greeted his club audience with 'hello Wolverhampton' when he was, in fact, in Worcester.

The US R&B star was hosting an afterparty at Tramps nightclub in Worcester after his Birmingham Barclaycard Arena concert on Saturday (January 30).

Derulo turned up at 2.50am, shouted out 'hello Wolverhampton', and danced with his entourage in the club until 4.10am.

Club owner, Dean Hill, said:

He did arrive a little bit later. We expected him at 2.30am but he got there about 2.50am which wasn't too bad it was just transport issues.

"When he got here his DJ went straight on stage, he was on from 3am, then Jason went onto the VIP balcony before coming onto the stage dancing.

"People have complained he didn't perform but we said from the start he wouldn't be, it was an afterparty.

"We spend a lot of money bringing new things to Worcester like Snoop Dogg and Jason to raise the profile of Worcester.

"Unfortunately, you are probably going to have a few people who are not satisfied.

"We had 1,300 people in and have had positive feedback so it is only a few people complaining.

"Jason and his entourage were here until 4.10am, he was on stage a lot longer than ten to 15 minutes.

"I think it was fantastic for the city and attracts more people to come to Worcester - I only see it as a positive.

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Watch a snippet of Jason Derulo's club appearance and his video for 'Get Ugly' below: 


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