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Jennifer Lopez talks about her workout schedule

Jennifer Lopez has opened up about her fitness regime and revealed that she hates slogging away for hours in the gym. 

During an interview with E! News, the 'On The Floor' superstar admitted that she works out five times per week and does a morning routine on the days she has a Las Vegas concert:

"I workout in the morning... you have to understand, it's a physically demanding show. It's like a basketball game - they do a morning practice and then at 9 they have the game. We do the same thing."

"We have our morning workout - we don't kill ourselves, but we get loose. The body gets ready to move around - you can't just get out there and shock yourself, you know what I mean? Then I warm up right before the show. On the days I'm not doing a show... I work out the five days I have the show, then the other two days I won't."

She went onto add that she does a combination of circuit training and dance workouts in order to keep her engaged and motivated because she doesn't like spending long periods of time in the gym:

"I do circuit training... their methods are very specific and different. I do lifting and core stuff, and planking and all of that. Then I do dance and choreography and stuff - toning... where you don't use a lot of weights. I want to be there 45 minutes to an hour."

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