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Jessie J wants to write a new Christmas classic: 'That's where the money is'

Hitmaker Jessie J has revealed that she would love to put together a Christmas album of tracks she has written especially for the holiday. 

Speaking to BANG Showbiz about her desire to release a festive record in the future, the songstress explained that she doesn't just want to sing songs already known and instead wants to write new classics for the world to enjoy at Christmas:

"I would love to do a Christmas album it's one of the things on my wish list. But I want to write some new classic Christmas songs, I don't want to just sing 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer'."

The vocal sensation went onto add that penning a festive song that becomes well-loved would be incredibly lucrative: "During the Christmas period, if you wrote 'Winter Wonderland', its brilliant. That's where the money is, songwriting."

Earlier this week, Jessie J opened up about her gift-giving plans and admitted that she's playing it safe this year and sticking to vouchers: "Vouchers are the way forward this year, everyone loves a voucher. The only people that I really make sure I get gifts for are my niece and nephews, [we've] just had a new addition to the family, so loads of presents for them."

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