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Jessie J against music piracy

Singer-songwriter Jessie J has spoken out about the repercussions of music piracy, saying that it costs artists their hard-earned record deals. 

The 22 year old won the Critics' Choice BRIT Award earlier this week and explained to Radio 1's Newsbeat:

"I understand power to the people but everyone has to make a living."

"I've had a lot of people rip music off YouTube but I won't be able to make another album if no one buys this one. That's what the fans have to realise."

"For me to be a good artist, you have to be a good fan. If you steal music I can't then give you more because I'm not proving to the label that I'm someone that's going to earn them money for them to keep me."

Check out Jessie J's performance of 'Do It Like a Dude' at the BRITS launch party, below: