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Jessie J admits importance of fashion sense in potential suitors

Jessie J has admitted she sees a keen sense of style as an important quality when it comes to potential suitors.

The 24-year-old, who recently denied rumours that she was dating fashion icon Tinie Tempah, told Company Magazine that she prefers it if her dates take great pride in their appearance:

"My sister brought a boyfriend home once and my mum pointed out he hadn't ironed his shirt.

“That stayed with me. I like clean fingernails, nice teeth and anyone who looks after their feet. So they'd definitely have to care about fashion, it's important to give a sh*t about how you look."

The Voice coach, who recently vowed to be meaner on the BBC talent show, also revealed that she’s often brutally honest when it comes to critiquing her friends’ taste in fashion:

"My friends know I'll say, 'No that's disgusting, it won't suit you.' You don't have to listen but ask my opinion and be sure I'll be honest.”

Watch Jessie J perform 'Laserlight' on The Graham Norton Show below: