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JLS star: 'I am into farming now that I'm not in the band any more'

JB Gill, formerly of JLS fame, has revealed that now his music career is over he has turned to the good life and got himself into farming. 

Four years ago, the singer bought a 10-acre farm in Biggin Hill and he now has all the time he needs to tend to his land and the animals and birds he raises on it:

"I guess it was an organic decision, excuse the pun. I had the space and didn’t want it to be a wasted space. A few people mentioned getting into farming but I didn’t really have the time while I was in JLS to do it. I am still learning but I love being outdoors. It’s definitely a lifestyle thing for me and my family. It’s so close to nature and seeing it first-hand.”

The 'Beat Again' hitmaker went onto add that his main passion at the moment is his farm and everything else career-wise is secondary:

“The focus is predominantly farming at the moment. Everything else falls into line behind that. It’s great because it frees me up to spend time with my son because I became a father for the first time and got married this year. It is really, really nice to spend time with the family and not be travelling away for weeks and months on end.”

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