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JB Gill on JLS: 'It's time for us all to explore individual things'

JB Gill says JLS made the right decision to split and that he doesn't miss being in the band.

The X Factor 2008 runner-ups called it a day at the end of 2013.

Their members have started their own ventures, with Marvin Humes now in LuvBug and Oritse Williams launching OWS.

Singer JB Gill - who exited reality TV show The Jump this weekend - has now told reporters that it's time to move on from JLS.

The keen farmer said: "I'm very much a person of intent, and I think if you miss things you probably shouldn't have done it," he continued. "We made a very conscious decision, we sat down, we took over a year and a half to make that decision.

"We didn't just say, 'We're done' and left the next day. We had our final tour, we had a greatest hits album, we continued working for about a year and a half and we knew the decision that we'd made had been the right decision.

"I think it's time for us all to explore individual things. I'm 28 - I'm not getting any younger. I've just got married and had a baby and for me, my family's important, and I want to be around and not be touring and not be travelling around the world and missing things that I think are important at this stage in my life."

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