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Jonas Brothers give Grammy hopefuls handy advice

The Jonas Brothers have been dishing out advice to this year's Grammy Award hopefuls, including former award rival Adele.

The pop group and Adele were pitched in the same Best New Artist category in 2009, with Adele eventually reigning supreme.

Adele is of course heading to the Grammys with six nominations this time around - and when asked by MTV if he had any advice for Adele, Kevin Jonas said:

"To Adele...she's only like one of the best artists ever. It's cool."

Joe Jonas meanwhile had words of advice for this year's nominees in the Best New Artist category, which include Nicki Minaj and Skrillex. He said:

"I think, go in knowing that you're a winner already. You got that far, you should feel like a champion. I believe Norah Jones said it: Sometimes it can be a curse. You get scared if you're gonna win. I'm not saying there's a curse on Adele - she's amazing! - but a lot of times there's a lot of artists that didn't end up winning that became huge, so you're a winner [regardless]."




Watch the video for Jonas Brothers' 'Lovebug' below: