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Jonas Brothers sued by "crushed" fan

Jonas Brothers are facing a lawsuit from a fan who alleges she was crushed at one of their concerts.

Ashleigh Johnson claims that she suffered severe mental, emotional and physical injuries after being pushed into a barrier when the band played at Los Angeles' Grove shopping centre in May 2010.

She says the weight of the crowd's push made her "agonizingly crushed" at the front of the audience.

Johnson is suing the band as well as Caruso Management, who look after the venue.

As previously reported, Jonas Brothers revealed their highlights of 2012 recently, saying: "We've had a pretty amazing year, thanks to all of you with being able to go back on tour together, play shows again, be in the studio. Kevin with 'Married to Jonas.' Joe with his solo record and all that happened there."




Watch Jonas Brothers give a holiday message to fans below: