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Kevin Jonas: 'I get my wife out of bed at 4am to play her new music'

Jonas Brothers member Kevin has admitted that he gets so into his music when he's working that he often wakes his wife, Danielle, at strange hours to play it to her.

During an interview with People magazine, the 'Pom Poms' hitmaker explained that he shares his thoughts with her even at 4am when she's in bed asleep:

"I play the music for her constantly when we're writing the album and especially at midnight when we're in that mindframe and it doesn't just end in the studio."

"I'm bringing it home and I'm like, taking her out of bed at 4am to come listen to a song and I get so excited about it and I want to share that with her."

Kevin, who stars with his wife on the show 'Married to Jonas', added that he uses his relationship with her for inspiration and always thinks about her when writing lyrics:

"Anytime I'm in the studio I use her and the moments that we've experienced as the things I'm writing about with my brothers. Even if they're thinking about something completely different, I'm putting myself into a situation that I've been through with her that can relate."





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