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Justin Bieber: 'People forget that I'm a human being'

Justin Bieber thinks some people forget that he is a "human being".

The singer is currently trying to reform his character after a series of negative incidents over the last couple of years.

Speaking to On Air With Ryan Seacrest, the Canadian said that he feels some people forgot that he was a young man who had evolved in the spotlight.

He said: "I'm a real human being. I think people forget that, and I'm growing up, I'm figuring some stuff out but I'm here to show people a new walk and I want people to look at me and be proud of me, you know, so that was all I really wanted to get across."

Bieber meanwhile said in the same interview that he has been working with Kanye West on new music.

The singer revealed: "I've been in the studio with him for the past month or so. I think that he just pushes you. He definitely wants it to be my direction, but he pushes it. That's why artists love to go to him because he pulls something out of you that other people don't."

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