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Justin Bieber "overwhelmed" by music industry

Justin Bieber has admitted that the music business sometimes gets too much for him.

The 18-year-old megastar has been in the limelight for a few years now and he has amassed legions of adoring fans in the process.

However, the 'Believe' singer told Style that sometimes the incessant praise and adulation can often "overwhelm" him. The star said:

"When everyone's constantly saying they love you and you're amazing, people start believing it. When I feel like this industry is too much and I get overwhelmed, I think of my mum saying, 'Stick it out'."

Bieber added that he tries to distance his mother Pattie Mallette from his business decisions in order to reduce tension, leaving the strategy up to his manager Scooter Braun. He said:

"She wants me to be a good person. A lot of times the parents start managing the artist and that can be tricky - when it becomes your momager. It's too much. You start resenting them, because they're making all your business decisions, and what if you don't agree with them? You start fighting and it's not a good thing. I have my mom, and she helps out, but as far as being my manager, I let my manager do that. Let my mom be my mom."

Watch Justin Bieber perform live with Drake recently below: