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Katy Perry: 'I've always dreamed of living commune style'

Superstar Katy Perry has revealed that she lives 'in a compound' with her close family members. 

Speaking to Billboard magazine about her home life, the sensation explained that she shares a property with her older sister, Angela Hudson; Hudson's husband, Svend Lerche; and their baby. Her brother, David Hudson, and her parents live nearby:

"Everybody is somewhat close. I always dreamed of living commune style. I want my own Neverland ranch at a some point, but not with the salacious parts."

When asked what her ideal living situation would be, Perry explained that she would love to have a fully-contained space with her very own coffee shop because venturing out into the public is hard when you're famous:

"My own Starbucks on the property. I have to create my own world because it's hard to go into the other world sometimes. Barbra Streisand has a mall downstairs in her basement -- just weird, amazing stuff like that. I get it, because it becomes such a thing to go out in the world."

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Watch behind-the-scenes footage from Perry's ESPN shoot below: