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Katy Perry's weekly date night

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are two of the busiest people in showbiz, but they still manage to see each other "once a week" despite their hectic schedules and often international separation. 

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, husband Brand admitted that they make time for their relationship and don't let distance or work get in the way too much:

"We see each other once a week. We meet up all the time. She's beautiful. I love having my own little pop star. She's brill."

The actor, who recently starred in 'Arthur', also addressed rumours that Perry has calmed him down since they tied the knot and explained the change is simply down to his age:

"Katy's not like that. We wouldn't have got married if we were a couple of bickering little snides. The skinny jeans aren't gone for good. I like my trousers fitted - but I'm in my 30s. It's normal to stop having a mad haircut."

Talking about the couple's future, he joked about the possibility of having children and added:

"Imagine if my children didn't have an Essex accent. I don't think I could take it. My children have got to be born somewhere where it's legitimate for them to support West Ham United."

Watch behind the scenes footage from the pop superstar's performance of 'E.T.' on American Idol here: