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'How to get Ke$ha's sexy legs' workout revealed in detail

Self magazine, which Ke$ha recently posed as the cover star for, has published a fitness article detailing a workout that will help people to get her "sexy legs".

A step-by-step guide inspired by the 'Die Young' beauty's enviable physique walks readers through a series of moves (pictured below) designed to sculpt calf and thigh muscles, and explains how to do each move along with how many repetitions are required.

The easy to follow brief program was devised by the pop sensation's personal trainer Kit Rich.

In the accompanying interview, which was published earlier this month, Ke$ha confessed that her body confidence is key to her healthy attitude: "I don't have a perfect body, [but it's] important to celebrate what you've got."

She added: "For me, I like showing off my legs because I work really hard on them. So you will rarely find me wearing pants. I stay far away from a scale because it's not about a number, it's about how I feel. I try to eat healthy because it makes me feel good."





Watch her music video for 'Crazy Kids' below: