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Kimberley Walsh: I was too soft for the music business

Kimberley Walsh had admitted that she was too soft for the music business at the beginning of Girls Aloud’s career.

The 30-year-old, currently a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, told The Sun that she soon realised she’d have to toughen up once she earned her place in the Popstars: The Rivals band:

“In the beginning, I always tried to see the best in people but I soon realised I was naive in that respect. I was too soft for the business.

“The other girls were tougher and I began to think to myself, ‘I’ve got to start getting my opinions through – otherwise I’ll be walked all over.”

The Shrek The Musical actress, who recently revealed she was coached by Cheryl Cole in preparation for the dance show, also went on to recall the first time that she met two of her bandmates:

“Cheryl came up to me and said I had lovely skin. She wanted to know what foundation I used. She was so quiet, shy and really fresh-faced. I remember thinking that it took courage for her to approach me like that and I liked her for it.

“Nicola Roberts also caught my eye. I spotted her in the audition queue with red hair going all the way down to her bum and thought, ‘Wow, she looks striking and unusual.’"




Watch footage of Kimberley on Strictly Come Dancing below: