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Kylie Minogue: 'I have a playful kind of sexiness'

'Into The Blue' hitmaker Kylie Minogue has revealed that she has a playful kind of sexiness and isn't interested in the vulgarity pop music sometimes plays into.

She confessed that she would rather be a tease than put it all on display and told that even in her new music video, 'Sexercise', she wanted to be playful and seductive:

"I'm not interested in, as the French say it best, vulgaire. I naturally have playfulness. Any of the images, that I do, like the video for Sexercise, there's a wink that people know. People know my personality, that's just where I take it to. I actively make those choices, but often that's just naturally how it is."

"I'm thinking of the 'Sexercise' video, we had to film a lot to get those shots and then it's all about choices and which shots do you use. It could have been a very different video, one that I am proud of and that I don't agree with. I try to work with people who are on the same page as me and have a similar aesthetic and understanding. I think it's great to push the boat out when you can, but I would like to stay elegant with it."

Watch Minogue's music video for 'Sexercise' below: