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Thursday, February 16, 2017 11:26am ET by  

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Lady Gaga enjoys phenomenal sales boost after Super Bowl

Superstar Lady Gaga enjoyed a phenomenal sales boost following her Super Bowl half-time performance

Billboard reported that Neilsen Soundscan rounded up her sales figures and confirmed that she saw an increase of 1,850% in the week ending February 9. This accounts for 410,000 downloads sold and makes up for 75% of Gaga's total music sold since the beginning of 2017. Additionally, the 'Born This Way' icon's catalogue of studio albums shot up by 844%. 

She also took the stage with Metallica at the 2017 GRAMMYs and the band's drummer, Lars Ulrich, told Rolling Stone magazine that he hopes they will team up for other projects:

“[She is the] quintessential perfect fifth member of this band. Her voice, her attitude, her outlook on everything is so awesome. [The performance] was so effortless and organic and she just has the spirit of hard rock and metal flowing through her veins. It comes really easy for her. There’s nothing contrived; she just has this super warm, easy energy. We already started fast-forwarding to the next chapter when we can do more of this."

Watch Gaga's Super Bowl performance here:

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