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Lady Gaga reveals all to Jean-Paul Gaultier

Lady Gaga's exclusive and revealing interview with French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier aired last night (September 12) in the U.S. 

When asked by the fashion mogul if there was anything she didn't want to be asked about, Gaga paused then responded with a simple "no". 

The pop icon told Gaultier that the most important thing to her is the fact that she has been recognised as an important "voice" that can speak honestly for her generation and she said:

"My cultural contribution and social contribution was really an honour and still so humbled by it. I hope I can continue to use my voice to make an impact on my generation."

The 'Judas' hitmaker also spoke about the drug-fuelled and "self-indulgent" experiences of her youth, recounting a particularly dramatic incident where her father caught her taking drugs under his own roof:

"I just was partying and being very self-indulgent and trying to find myself. In hindsight, it's so dangerous and I don't encourage anyone to follow that path. I remember my dad... I was actually doing drugs in my parents' house one day and they didn't know I was in the bathroom. I came out and my father could tell, and I just remember feeling so embarrassed and I quit instantly."

She expressed her love of fashion with sincerity and eloquence, adding that she feels a visual aspect is integral to all of her work:

"I knew that there was something I loved about the shock-art potential of what I could create. I like to liberate myself with my ability to change."

Watch the second part of the exciting interview below: