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Lady Gaga reveals drug themed Halloween costume

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has taken to her website to share photos from her Halloween party with her fans around the world.

In a series of tweets posted earlier this afternoon (November 1), she explained: "So i was weed for halloween. BEST COSTUME EVER ITS SO FUN. Princess High the Cannabis Queen."

Later on, she uploaded a collection of personal pictures taken last night that show her completely topless with sparkly green cannabis leaves covering her nipples while wearing a long green wig and tutu-like skirt.

She also captioned the photographs, some of which read: "I made the mistake of drinking beer, this is me crying in the corner hahaha," and "HAPPY HIGHLAWEEN!"

Gaga returned to Twitter in the past hour and added: "where's my stache? cannabis? high princess? @zedd OUR REMIX CAME TO LIFE LAST NIGHT!!!! missed u when i got home so i ate chicken."




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