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Lady Gaga is Glamour's Woman of the Year: 'I never felt beautiful on my own'

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has been named Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine in her native America and she has opened up about how she found the ability to feel beautiful. 

In a brief video interview for the publication, the 'Applause' icon explains: "I never felt beautiful on my own, ever. It was always lipstick, wigs, and clothing that helped me find my sense of beauty and that's OK."

"I feel really blessed now to have changed and gone through a lot of things to make me feel comfortable to be who I am. I see that potential in all of my fans - that's what 'ARTPOP' is really about [...] the best part of being me is my fans. I have a lot of them and they're full of joy and happiness."

She added: "I feel really honoured that Glamour chose me for Woman of the Year because glamour for me comes from the inside. It's about your heart and it's about what you do with the voice that you have, not so much how it looks. 

Writing on her official Twitter page earlier this morning (October 31), she revealed her excitement at the title: "So honored to be Woman of the Year on @glamourmag… alongside SUCH inspiring women! Thanku for supporting my passion!"




Watch her discuss what makes her feel beautiful here: