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Ladyhawke is the name to look out for in 2009

In just one year, she has flown from New Zealand to the United Kingdom and straight onto the NME (New Music Express) magazine's Cool List after releasing her debut album. 

Phillipa "Pip" Brown and Ladyhawke are two very different personalities. Pip Brown is a shy, soft-spoken young Kiwi woman making the difficult transition from the suburbs of New Zealand to the deep end of the London music scene. Ladyhawke, on the other hand, is the forward, sexy persona whose strong vocals and electro sounds are quickly seducing an ever-growing fan base in the British capital. 

It may be surprising to some, then, that they're the same person. Ladyhawke, who's real name is Pip Brown, says : "I guess Ladyhawke is a side of myself I always wanted to have the  courage to do for a long time and so it's basically me just exploring all my different ways of writing songs and improving my own abilities and seeing how far I can stretch them."

Almost a year to the day since she left her musical projects in Australia, Ladyhawke's name is being mentioned by British music pundits in the same breath as Jay-Z, and the Kings of Leon.

A busy touring schedule means she hasn't even read her critical praise - although she has heard about it. But she's taking it all in her stride. Ladyhawke say's, "There's always going to be a part of me that's going to be a bit cautious and scared. I think it's good because if I get too confident than I think the second you lose that sense of self that's when shit starts to go wrong."

Ladyhawke's latest single 'My Delirium' has reached the top 40 in the UK charts and her debut self titled album is out now. She is scheduled to tour home territory New Zealand and Australia before joining the Ting Tings on a UK tour.

Watch the official video for 'My Delirium' below: