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Lana Del Rey unveils new single's official artwork

Sultry singer Lana Del Rey has treated her Twitter followers to an exclusive look at her new single's official artwork.

The star is set to release 'National Anthem' on July 8 and tweeted a link to a stunning black and white photograph that will act as the cover for the package.

The monochrome picture shows Del Rey stood on a stage next to a speaker's podium and a strip of text that reads "tell me I'm your national anthem" covers her eyes.

Her major label debut album, 'Born To Die', is currently at No.19 on the UK Top 40 and British model Kelly Brook recently described the 'Blue Jeans' hitmaker has her "fashion crush":

"I like looking at their style and make-up. Lana Del Rey is my fashion crush right now, but I don't get body envy"

"I wouldn't want a figure like Alexa Chung's, because I wouldn't be able to dress like me. But it's important to celebrate a range of sizes – some girls are naturally skinny, others are bigger."




Listen to 'National Anthem' in full below: