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Lana Del Rey suffers crippling stage fright that makes her "breathless"

Songstress Lana Del Rey has admitted that despite having shot to levels of international fame over the past year she still struggles with her nerves when performing live.

Talking to BBC Radio 1, the 'Blue Jeans' beauty explained that she becomes so anxious the moment she steps out on stage that she finds it difficult to even breathe properly:

"For some reason whenever I start each set I feel really nervous, so I'm completely breathless for my first song and a half, which is always interesting."

The star was in London over the weekend as she performed at the Lovebox festival and added that she has a special place in her heart for the UK because of the incredible support she has received in the country:

"I feel better [in the UK], I like that people have good taste and they show it. I personally just feel supported musically, and other than that I guess the best thing is people are so funny, just straight off the bat, so funny right away."

"I was in California, writing the rest of the record, and someone said that 'Video Games' was being played in London, and after that happened everything started to happen - I got my first and second record deal straight after that, the best thing is that I got to make all my videos and I finished the record, and all of it is sonically beautiful."




Watch her performance of 'Born To Die' from Lovebox below: