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Leona Lewis slams London riot "hoodrats"

Leona Lewis has followed in the footsteps of other pop stars by giving her take on the riots that devastated parts of London in July. 

The 'Bleeding Love' singer condemned the behaviour of those involved in both the looting and rioting and labelled them "hoodrats" and "little shits". She told The Guardian's Guide magazine:

"It was just hoodrats getting totally out of control. I don't think there was any motivation behind it other than to cause trouble 'cause they're bored and want free stuff. Total, total hoodrats. Little s**ts!"

"It's a lack of discipline and respect. Yeah, some were opportunists just taking stuff but the ones setting light to stuff? When I was young there were always troublemakers but it's changed so much."

Unlike Pete Doherty, who recently blamed the shocking events on the modern preoccupation with consumer culture, Lewis stressed there is "no excuse for setting fire to people's property" regardless of "how poor you are". 

Watch her newly released video for 'Collide' here: