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Leona Lewis working with Black Eyed Peas producer Poet

Vocal sensation Leona Lewis has confirmed that she has been in the studio with Black Eyed Peas producer Poet for her upcoming new record. 

The beauty is currently recording music for her new album and told Billboard that she has employed the talents of Poet this time around: "Earlier in the year I was getting in with a few different producers. I actually got in with Poet, who is an amazing producer."

She added that she plans to bring him back to the studio for further sessions: "We did a couple of songs together, which has been really exciting. I will probably get back in and work with him again."

In a recent interview, Lewis confessed that she would love to work with Bruno Mars this time around and also hopes to use a very different type of sound: "I feel like for the next record I'm re-inspired to do something a bit different, maybe even go into that kind of retro throwback sound for the next record."

"I definitely want to work with the Smeezingtons. I'd love to do something with Bruno Mars, so I'm reaching out to a few different people and also some Motown people, maybe doing something with them. So I'm still thinking about it, but maybe I'll try something like that on the next album."






Watch her music video for 'One More Sleep' below: