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Friday, March 9, 2018 4:12am ET by  

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Lily Allen announces new album release date and unveils two new tracks

Lily Allen has just dropped two new tracks, plus announced the release date of her upcoming album, 'No Shame,' and the excitement is building.

'Higher' and 'Three' were unveiled yesterday (March 8), and have already received critical acclaim on social media and national and international radio play. 

Both tracks feature honest, heartfelt lyrics, sung gently against a stripped down beat which only goes to amplify the lyrics' strong sentiments.

'Higher' is sung from a woman's perspective who's sussed out her partner's dishonesty as he rocks up at 4am in the morning after a simple Chinese meal the night before.

'Three' is sung from a toddler's perspective to the kid's mum as she leaves to go to work.

The long wait has truly been worth it as the new album looks to be the British pop star's most authentic piece of work to-date, being the first time Allen says she's been able to follow her instinct as a truly independent artist.

Speaking to Beats 1 yesterday, she admitted: "It’s the best album I can make. There haven’t been any outside sources telling me what’s right and wrong, what’s going to work for radio and what isn’t, so that’s really great. That also means when it comes out, it’s my fault."

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter released “Trigger Bang” as the lead single back in January. Her new album 'Shame" is scheduled to be released later this year on June 8.

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Watch Lily Allen's interview with Julie Adenuga on Beats 1 below:

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