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Ariana Grande: 'I wish had the confidence Miley Cyrus has'

Vocal sensation Ariana Grande has revealed that she looks up to 'We Can't Stop' songstress Miley Cyrus because the former Disney star is so gutsy with what she does and in how she presents herself. 

During a new interview with Boston's Mix 104.1 radio station, Grande explained that she would love to have the confidence that Cyrus has:

"I think she's dope, I think she's a rock star, I think she's expressing herself, and there's nothing wrong with adding a little fun into pop culture."

"I wish I had enough confidence to get naked and sit on a wrecking ball. If you had her body, you'd be on that ball right with her."

She recently told Teen Vogue that she's quite shy so being thrust into the spotlight has been a little unsettling: "I'm a lot shier than people think. I don't go online when I'm dealing with s**t. This is a very amazing time in my life, but also the most stressful. I'm adjusting and learning..."




Watch Grande perform 'Tattooed Heart' at the American Music Awards here:


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