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Meghan Trainor on dating: 'Someone burped Doritos in my mouth'

Songstress Meghan Trainor has revealed that she is currently single, despite pesky rumours that suggest she is romantically involved with Nick Jonas's assistant Cory Andersen, but has endured some awkward and gross dates.

Speaking to On Air with Ryan earlier today (January 13), the 'All About That Bass' beauty explained that someone once burped in her mouth mid-kiss:

"I don’t know. If they eat onions (it's a turn off). That really, really bugs me. When they try to kiss me and they have onion mouth. Someone ate Doritos and burped Doritos in my mouth. I swear to God! I’ve had a Dorito burp in my mouth.” 

When asked about the photograph posted by Andersen, in which he can be seen kissing her cheek, Trainor added: “We hung out and he posted a pic. Remember all those interviews where I was like, ‘I’m super single?’ You would know, you would know if I was not super single.”

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