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Joan Jett: 'I have always played down the sexuality in my bands'

Iconic rocker Joan Jett has opened up about how she chose to present herself throughout her career with The Runaways

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine in a new interview, the star explained that she didn't want to be seen as a sex symbol so played that down:

"I made a point in the Runaways not to play up the sexuality. The [Rolling] Stones, guys like that, can be more in-your-face. But there was a mystique about David Bowie - you think you know, but you're not sure. That's a f**k of a lot sexier than putting it all out there. Do your thing, play your music. People will think that's sexy."

Jett went onto add that women are treated differently to men in the industry and she doesn't like it when people dictate how she should behave or what she should write songs about: "These days, everybody writes about everything. They feel they have the right to know. It goes back to that thing about not being bullied, not being told what to do. In fact, if you tell me what to do, I'm gonna put up a wall just because you tell me to do it."

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Watch footage of Jett at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame below: