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Adam Lambert tells fans 'it's OK to be a little lost': 'Let's dance about it'

Vocal sensation Adam Lambert recently sat down for an interview with Shazam and opened up about his new single 'Ghost Town'. 

The star confessed that the one thing he hopes to achieve with the song is to create a bond between himself and the listener because the themes in the track are incredibly relatable yet still open to personal interpretation:

"It's a very interesting song. Lyrically, it's not straight ahead and literal... it's a bit surreal and disjointed. These visuals and concept about having hopes and expectations of what you thought your life was going to be, then realising, 'hey, it's not that... wow, my beliefs are being challenged'."

"There's this beat in the song that's so sick and so uplifting - I hope what the song is able to do is, if someone else feels that way, which I think everyone has gone through a lot of these things, hopefully the song helps them get past it or move through it... or take ownership of the fact that 'I didn't know what I thought I knew, and that's ok.' It's OK to be a little bit lost... let's dance about it."

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