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Kelly Clarkson replies to Jimmy Eat World plagiarism accusation

Kelly Clarkson has denied that she copied Jimmy Eat World on a recent single.

Similarities between the singer's track 'Heartbeat Song' and the rock band's 2001 'The Middle' were noted recently.

However, Clarkson told Rolling Stone that there was no intentional plagiarism.

She said: "I didn't write the song, I just sang it. But I didn't catch that. Nobody behind the scenes did. What's funny is that I was a huge fan of that Jimmy Eat World album! 

"We actually thought our song sounded like the Postal Service - that was our big concern. I thought it was really cool of Jimmy Eat World to say, 'Hey, no harm, no foul'. There are only so many chords."

Clarkson added that she felt the recent copyright ruling regarding Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Line' was unfair.

She said: "I felt so bad for Pharrell when he got sued - he's a huge fan of Marvin Gaye, and you know he didn't mean to rip him off," she said. "And he's the sweetest guy ever. It sucks."

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Listen to the two songs below: