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Naughty Boy on Zayn Malik feud: 'It's like we were back at school'

Hitmaker Naughty Boy, who just unveiled a new song with Beyoncé, has revealed that his feud with Zayn Malik was embarrassing because it was like an immature schoolyard fight that was aired in public. 

Speaking to Channel 4 about the war of words that were exchanged this year on social media between himself and the former One Direction star, Naughty Boy explained:

"Do you know what, I'm loving this interview, but I just feel like the first half of this year went back to primary school, when I should have been concentrating on my masters, so - I'd rather concentrate on my masters."

The producer then revealed that it's probably easier career-wise to have a solo career than it is to try and find success as part of a band:

"I do think it's easier being a soloist, definitely easier, and I think the machine of being in something that's kind of manufactured is always going to be difficult and not easy. Obviously, anything that you do when you're young - you know, growing up is the only way forward, do you know what I mean? For anyone, any artist, it's hard to grow up in this business."

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