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Mary Byrne confesses that X Factor bosses are paying her £30 per week

Mary Byrne, current X Factor finalist, has revealed that fellow contestants are only receiving £30 per week for taking part on the show.

The singer and Tesco employee confirmed to Irish radio station 98FM that the small payment was in fact correct:

“That’s it! That’s what we get.”

“Good old Tesco – I don’t know where I’d be without them to be honest because they’re keeping my wage going in so I can pay my bills and I’ll find a way to thank those guys.”

She also confessed that her mentor, Louis Walsh, is putting her up in a hotel for two nights ahead of this weekend’s performances, where the stars will sing songs by The Beatles, saying she needs to relax:

“Because it is those two nights – believe it or believe it not – they just give you…you often hear people say that a change is as good as a rest – well it definitely is in this case.”

Watch Mary Byrne perform 'This Is A Man's World' here: