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Friday, February 10, 2017 10:24am ET by  

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Gavin Rossdale: 'As an artist it's imperative that we do something of value'

Musician and 'The Voice' coach Gavin Rossdale has revealed that he was determined not to make a break-up record following his divorce from Gwen Stefani.

He told that people probably expected him to release an emotionally-fuelled and personal album, but he believes there are more important topics to write songs about given the current social and political climate:

"After what I went through, people make those break-up records and I wanted to make a euphoric, socially-conscious record that has wide-ranging subjects going from the plight of the refugees to the fact we're destroying the planet to the lack of inter-connectedness."

"Because I'm the father of so many children, I want to leave the world in a better place in my tiny minuscule way. I'm a piece of dust on the earth, but as an artist it's imperative that we do something of value and not only just moan about ourselves."

Watch an interview with Gavin Rossdale here:

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