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Craig David says David Bowie once sent him a message of praise: 'I was in awe'

Craig David has revealed that David Bowie liked his music and once received a message from the legend, who died in January 2016, after he used a sample of 'Let's Dance' on a track. 

Chatting to the NME at last night's BRIT Awards, the 'Seven Days' hitmaker admitted that it was an honour to learn that the late icon was a fan of his music:

"To be in any category near a legend who's left so much amazing music... I mean I had a song called 'Hot Stuff' that sampled 'Let's Dance', and it was a few years back and I remember getting that message from him and his approval that I could use it but also that he loved the song. I was in awe. This is David Bowie we're talking about. If anyone deserves that award, it would be David Bowie. I'm just happy to be part of it."

"It was a message that came through my manager from his manager and I was just like... you grow up as a kid wanting to make music and your dreams and aspirations but you never actually think that you're going to meet your idols or get a message personally from them."

Craig David added: "David Bowie was always at the forefront and trying to change things from so many different angles for the better for people - that's what puts him to legendary status. He used his platform to do that rather than just be a musician. I hope it's an amazing night for him tonight."

Watch the star in action here:

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