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Mike Skinner describes major label deal as "prison stretch"

When Mike Skinner recently revealed that he was quitting music, he likened leaving his major label deal to "ending a long prison stretch."

The Streets began in 2002 with the successful release of 'Original Pirate Material' and now, 9 years later, has unveiled its fifth and final record 'Computers and Blues', but Skinner isn't upset about the end of this era and told The Sun newspaper:

"It's like ending a long prison stretch. I'm leaving in 11 weeks, when my contract ends. I'll be given my belongings and met at the gates by my criminal friends and we'll go out and re-offend within days. I'm not going to do The Streets any more, I'm never going to be able to better this album. And that's a great feeling."

He also revealed that leaving The Streets behind will put an end to the possible self-destruction that fame can bring:

"There comes a time when you've had so much success, you've got so much money, there's so much madness, you tend to end up destroying yourself."

"I'm relieved I won't have to play that game anymore. I'm relieved to be outside of the traditional album cycle. I can do what I want now."

Check out the interactive film for 'Computers and Blues' below: