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Cher Lloyd's debut album "like Fergie's solo" effort

Savan Kotecha, one of the songwriters working on Cher Lloyd's debut album, has revealed that the direction she has employed for the tracks is similar to what can be heard on "Fergie's solo album". 

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Kotecha revealed that Lloyd's sound is more melodic than rap based and that its appeal is definitely evocative of the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman:

"It's such a blend of different things. Each song is so different from the other, but it's her. The only way I can describe it is that it's like Fergie's solo album, where 'London Bridge' was completely different from 'Clumsy', but then you also had 'Big Girls Don't Cry', but Fergie was still the red thread throughout it all - that's how Cher's songs are," 

When asked about the diversity of styles on the record, he explained that she pulled off everything she tried in the studio and did it with attitude:

"There's some hard ones, some vulnerable ones and some fun, silly ones and she just delivers on every one. We were just so impressed."

Watch her final X Factor tour 'vlog' here:


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