Celebration of Manchester's music scene to mark Gio-Goi's first store in England

Multi-award winning fashion brand, Gio-Goi, is throwing two special free parties to celebrate the Manchester music scene to mark the launch of its first store in the city, and in England.  
The international label is opening a dedicated store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre on Thursday 25th August and is holding a special free acid house reunion party on Friday September 2nd at Moho Live in the city.  The party will feature the original line-up from the iconic rave scene in which the brand was launched, including Hacienda DJs Mike Pickering, Jon da Silva and Graeme Park.
A gig celebrating the hottest new Manchester music talent will then take place on Thursday 14th September, featuring D/R/U/G/S, Silverclub and Young British Artists in London. The gig will happen in a special pop-up shop in Brick Lane, which will sell a limited edition trainer created by Gio-Goi and Citroen - DS3 Racing by Gio-Goi.

The influential acid house dance scene of the late 1980s saw local brothers Chris and Anthony Donnelly create the Gio-Goi brand, which became the uniform of choice for ravers in the second ‘Summer of Love’. The brothers put on the first warehouse parties in Manchester called Sweat It Out. Their twenty-four hour Joy party, was the largest in the North at the time, clocking ravers in the tens of thousands and actually coining the famous phrase, ‘24-hour party people.’

It is now worn by a new generation of music royalty, including Plan B and Deadmau5 and has been seen on such artists as Pete Doherty, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Tiesto and Rihanna.
A limited amount of free tickets are available for the parties. Go to www.gio-goi.com <http://www.gio-goi.com> for more details. 
For press tickets or media enquiries contact:
Nicola Rutledge or Emily Barker
07931 717415

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