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Jessie J: 'My age won't affect my ability to be critical on The Voice'

Jessie J has admitted that she won't let her young age affect her ability to be critical in her new judging role on vocal talent contest The Voice. 

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday before next week's press launch, the 'Domino' hitmaker explained that although she's only 23 her experience is impressive and she will use it to make informed decisions while on the panel:

"I may be young but I'm not scared of being critical. I like how Simon Cowell says exactly what he thinks whether people like it or not. I don't care if people don’t like me and I’m prepared for that. Even if they are on my team that doesn’t mean I’m going to say it was good if it wasn’t."

"I’m not a robot. I sing out of tune sometimes so I’m not scared to tell some- one else if they have. I’m going to be honest. That’s what the industry needs more of right now."

She also added that despite being the only female on the panel she can't wait for the show to begin and she's nervous ahead of its launch:

"I’m not going to lie. I’m sh*tting myself but in a good way. And I’m really happy that I’m
the only girl on the panel.” 

Watch Jessie J's performance from last night's (February 18) Let's Dance For Sport Relief show below: