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Robin Gibb's family express joy at his recovery from coma

The family of Bee Gees' star Robin Gibb have expressed their joy at the singer's seeming recovery after being placed in a coma.

Gibb was in a coma after a recent bout of pneumonia, which had emerged following cancer treatment.

However, his wife Dwina said that he is now "laughing and joking" and has revealed a desire for ice cream after initially coming out of the coma. She told ITV News:

"He is fantastic at the moment. He is laughing, he is joking, he is really happy. He just wants to get out. He has been very naughty because he pulled his feeding tube out so the nurses will have to put it back in again but he wants ice cream...he wants all kinds of things. It's good anyway."

She added that the family had been playing him music whilst he was in a coma - but he turned down the chance to listen to music post-coma after being "bombarded" by it. She added:

"We played music to him for about ten days so we asked him if he wanted to listen to any more music and he said no. We've bombarded him with music for about ten days. It was very interesting."




Watch Robin Gibb speak about his recent classical work, The Titanic Requiem, below: